Quality Focus

We are committed to sustaining our top rank in the world of soccer ball manufacturing by meeting and exceeding our esteemed customer’s requirements. We achieve this by delivering reliable, high-quality products. We ensure quality by :

  • Implementing Quality Assurance and Quality Control systems
  • Providing continuous training for workers to maintain the high quality of products/services
  • Incorporating Customer Feedback into product/service improvements
  • Regularly auditing and improving internal processes to ensure quality standards.


Innovation is crucial for any company to stay competitive, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. We are committed to:

  • Invest in the latest technology and upgrade outdated systems to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Promote a culture of creativity and encourage employees to come up with innovative solutions to company problems.
  • Develop new and improved versions of existing products to offer customers something better.

Employee Development

Investing in employee development significantly helps boost productivity, increases job satisfaction, and enhances company loyalty. To implement the Employee Development concept, we ensure the following points.

  • Arrange training sessions to ensure that employees keep up with industry trends.
  • Facilitate a fair and effective performance appraisal system to identify and encourage talented and hard-working employees.
  • Creating a platform for open communication, encouraging feedback and ideas sharing among employees.

Safe & Green Environment

We believe that investing in a safe and green environment for companies not only promotes a positive image but also enhances employee productivity and reduces costs. We are committed to create and promote safe & healthy environment by following practices.

  • Implementing a company-wide recycling program to reduce waste.
  • Investing in energy-saving appliances to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and costs.
  • Utilizing digital platforms for documents and communication to reduce waste and save trees.