Hiring Policy

Wembley Sports is steadfast in its commitment to a fair and unbiased hiring process. The HR department ensures that all recruitment decisions are made solely based on the job specifications and qualifications, devoid of any gender bias. Each applicant is evaluated equitably, considering their qualifications and alignment with the job requirements, emphasizing meritocracy. The HR department employs various channels for recruitment, including newspapers, chamber notice boards, factory notice boards, roadside banner etc.

Disciplinary Policy

Wembley Sports upholds the principle of progressive discipline, aimed at equitable employee management. Our company endeavors to provide employees with prior notification of conduct or performance concerns, affording them the opportunity to rectify their actions. Disciplinary measures encompass verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension, or dismissal, contingent upon the gravity of the transgression. The choice of action is determined by the severity of the behavior.

Probation and Confirmation Policy

In alignment with our policy, employees undergo a probationary period of three months, extendable for an additional three months based on performance evaluation. Upon successful completion of the probation, employees attain permanent status and the entitlement to all legal benefits associated therewith.

Child Labor Policy

Wembley Sports rigorously adheres to a child labor policy, meticulously designed in accordance with ILO conventions 138 and 182, ratified by the Government of Pakistan. Our stance unequivocally prohibits the engagement of children aged 15 or below within our factory premises, workplaces, or manufacturing processes, in full compliance with international labor standards.

Social Accountability Policy

Wembley Sports is unswerving in its pursuit of fostering an improved working environment for its employees by implementing and sustaining social accountability standards that uphold their fundamental rights. We are dedicated to educating our workforce, suppliers, and contractors on policies and procedures, meticulously aligning with the Labor Law of Pakistan, workplace standards, and ILO conventions. Our unwavering commitment drives the motivation of our employees, propels the production of superior soccer and volley balls, and instills a culture of perpetual enhancement.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The guiding principle of our non-discrimination policy is to eradicate bias from our organizational fabric. This policy encompasses all echelons of the company. Wembley Sports eschews any form of discrimination throughout recruitment, employment practices, and decision-making processes. Choices concerning recruitment, remuneration, benefits, training, advancement, discipline, and termination are predicated solely on the ability to fulfill job responsibilities, devoid of personal attributes or beliefs such as race, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status, parental status, association membership, sexual orientation, or political persuasion. Our commitment extends to safeguarding the rights of our employees, including those with specific needs, such as pregnant individuals and individuals with disabilities, who will be treated justly and equitably.