Wembley Sports has a long-standing commitment to the environmental agenda and is committed to factory wide environmental excellence. Our operations are built upon strong environmental ethos and through our adoption of progressive environmental strategies in our projects.

  • To facilitate the active participation in reducing the environmental impact of the organization through both formal and informal activity.
  • To meet and where appropriate all relevant environmental legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • To engage fully to ensure the involvement of a key stakeholder in environmental improvements.
  • To improve the environmental performance of factory and the physical structure by moving towards carbon neutral energy performance, adopting environmentally conscious procurement practices promoting renewable energy systems, reducing water consumption and waste output.
  • To systematically reduce resource consumption and progress to zero waste through best practice Environmental Management and culture change.

To support continuous environmental improvement by establishing challenging and measurable performance targets that are reviewed and reported annually.

Environmental Objectives

Ensuring for better eco-friendly environment and conduct different analysis to minimize the consumption of resources and also minimize the level of waste water and solid waste.

Environmental Priorities

  • Energy efficiency
  • Solid Waste
  • Air Emissions